Women’s March

Stand up for Tenant Rights

tenant protection

This Housing Crisis

Marin faces a perfect storm.

  • HOUSING SHORTAGE – We have had a drastic housing shortage. We don’t come close to meeting the needs of our workforce or low income residents. Our neighbors and friends are being forced out.
  • NORTH BAY FIRES – Due to the fires we are now in a critical housing crisis. Marin needs to be included in the emergency status designated by the State. Marin’s rent will be under heavy pressure from the 5,000 displaced people in Sonoma and Napa
  • TENANT LEGAL BACKLOG – Legal Aid of Marin announces that, unless a case of eviction is already in court, Legal Aid does not have the resources to take on any other tenant protection work.

Standing With Standing Rock

A benefit for Standing Rock legal defense funds was presented at the First Presbyterian Church of San Anselmo on March 4, 2017, featuring attorneys Larry Bragman and Ford Greene in conversation with Erin Schrode, all of whom were observer-participants at Standing Rock, December 2017. Also featuring Cherokee-Meits singer-songwriter Jane De Cuir.

Standing With Standing Rock from Tom McAfee on Vimeo.

Fairfax’s Egger – Files Lawsuit over Trump’s Keystone XL permit

The Wisconsin Gazette

The Indigenous Environmental Network and North Coast Rivers Alliance filed suit in U.S. District Court in Great Falls, Montana, challenging the presidential permit issued by Donald Trump allowing construction and operation of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Stephan Volker, attorney for IEN and NCRA, filed the suit this week, alleging the State Department’s Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement fails to:

• provide a detailed and independent project purpose and need;

• analyze all reasonable alternatives to the project;

• study the project’s transboundary effects;

• disclose and fully analyze many of the project’s adverse environmental impacts;

• formulate adequate mitigation measures;

• respond adequately to comments.

Also, the complaint said the FSEIS was irredeemably tainted because it was prepared by Environmental Resource Management, a company with a substantial conflict of interest.

The suit also alleges that Trump’s permit violates the Endangered Species Act, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.

“President Trump is breaking established environmental laws and treaties in his efforts to force through the  Keystone XL Pipeline, that would bring carbon-intensive, toxic, and corrosive crude oil from the Canadian tar sands, but we are filing suit to fight back,” said Tom Goldtooth, executive director of the Indigenous Environmental Network. “Indigenous peoples’ lands and waters are not here to be America’s environmental sacrifice zone.”

He continued, “For too long, the U.S. government has pushed around Indigenous peoples and undervalued our inherent rights, sovereignty, culture and our responsibilities as guardians of Mother Earth and all life, while fueling catastrophic extreme weather and climate change with an addiction to fossil fuels. The time has come to keep fossil fuels in the ground and shut down risky extreme energy projects like the tar sands that are poisoning our families, wildlife, water sources and destroying our climate.”

Frank Egger, president of The North Coast Rivers Alliance, said in a news release issued March 30: “Oil, water and fish do not mix. KXL poses an unacceptable risk to the Missouri River and its fisheries, including the nearly extinct Arctic grayling. No oil pipeline is safe. One major oil spill, and the Missouri River and adjacent aquifers would be polluted for generations.”

MARIN GREEN PARTY 2016 Endorsements


Recommendations for November 8, 2016 Elections:





coffino-sign-tinyMARIN GREENS RECOMMEND MIKE COFFINO FOR MARIN SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE. – Mike Coffino, a deputy public defender for the County of Marin since 2003, is a lifelong outdoorsman and environmentalist. In recent years he has spent vacations volunteering on organic goat, sheep and vegetable farms in California, Montana, France and Italy. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin in 1994 with a joint degree in law and philosophy, Mike returned to California by bicycle and lived for many years in Point Reyes station, often bike commuting to work at the Marin Civic Center. Mike helped build Table Top Farm in Point Reyes and is a member of MALT, the Point Reyes National Seashore Association, Marin Conservation League, and the Marin County Bicycle Coalition. Mike’s wife Kathleen is a former United States Peace Corps volunteer who taught soil conservation and improvement in Honduras. They have backpacked extensively in Peru, Chile and the Sierras and believe strongly in the importance of environmental preservation.http://www.coffinoforjudge.com/background


Recommendation for Marin Measure A:


MEASURE A: To support the health, education and safety of underserved children with approximately $12,000,000 in annual local funding the State cannot take away, shall County of Marin expand access to quality preschool education; provide healthcare including early screenings, vision, dental and behavioral/mental health services; expand afterschool/summer learning programs promoting reading/writing/math achievement; and provide affordable childcare for infants, toddlers and young children by enacting a 1/4% sales tax for 9 years with independent oversight/audits?

A “yes” vote will support the imposition of a one-quarter of one percent transactions and use tax.  Marin Greens have some reservations about the regressive nature of the tax, which will disproportionately impact poorer families.  However, Marin Greens are recommending a “yes” vote because of the benefits Measure A promises: improved access to quality preschool education, expanded after-school and summer learning programs, more affordable child care for infants, toddlers and young children, and expanded access to comprehensive health care services for all children.


Recommendations for California Propositions:

Prop 51: California Public School Facility Bonds Initiative – MARIN GREENS RECOMMEND A NO VOTE.

A “no” vote opposes the state issuing $9 billion in new debt to fund the improvement and construction of education facilities.

Prop. Fifty-One will

Be a boon to construction

Industry, not schools. 


Prop 52: Voter Approval to Divert Hospital Fee Revenue Dedicated to Medi-Cal – MARIN GREENS RECOMMEND A YES VOTE.

A “yes” vote supports requiring voter approval to change the dedicated use of certain fees from hospitals used to draw matching federal money and fund Medi-Cal services. The initiative was also designed to require a two-thirds majority vote of the California Legislature to end the hospital fee program.

Hospital fees must

Be used to fund kids’ health and

Uninsured patients.


Prop 53: California Voter Approval Requirement for Revenue Bonds above $2 Billion Initiative – MARIN GREENS RECOMMEND A NO VOTE.

A “no” vote will be a vote against the voter approval requirement and in favor of continuing to allow the state to issue new debt without voter approval.

This Proposition’s

Too vague, and restricts upgrades

To infrastructure.


Prop 54: Public Display of Legislative Bills Prior to Vote Proposition – MARIN GREENS RECOMMEND A YES VOTE.

A “yes” vote will be a vote in favor of prohibiting the legislature from passing any bill until it has been in print and published on the Internet for 72 hours prior to the vote.

Posting bills three days

Before bills become laws seems

Like a great idea.


Prop 55: The California Extension of the Proposition 30 Income Tax Increase Initiative – MARIN GREENS RECOMMEND A YES VOTE.

A “yes” vote supports extending the personal income tax increases on incomes over $250,000 approved in 2012 for 12 years in order to fund education and healthcare.

Taxes the rich to

Provide funds for colleges,

Schools and poor kids’ health.



The question posed to voters by this Proposition is whether to increase the cigarette tax by $2.00 per pack, with equivalent increases on other tobacco products and electronic cigarettes.  A “yes” vote supports the increase and a “no” vote opposes it.

Anti-smoking and

Anti-taxing-the-poor means

We don’t take a stance.


Prop 57: California Parole for Non-Violent Criminals and Juvenile Court Trial Requirements Initiative – MARIN GREENS RECOMMEND A YES VOTE.

A “yes” vote supports increasing parole and good behavior opportunities for felons convicted of nonviolent crimes and allowing judges, not prosecutors, to decide whether to try certain juveniles as adults in court.

Prop. Fifty-Seven

Requires fitness hearings

Before minors tried.


Prop 58: California Non-English Languages Allowed in Public Education Act – MARIN GREENS RECOMMEND A YES VOTE.

A “yes” vote is a vote in favor of repealing most of the 1998 Proposition 227, the “English in Public Schools” Initiative, thus effectively allowing non-English languages to be used in public educational instruction.

This proposition

Restores flexibility

For bi-lingual ed.


Prop 59: The California Overturn of Citizens United Act Advisory Question – MARIN GREENS RECOMMEND A YES VOTE.

A “yes” vote supports this measure encouraging the state’s elected officials to use their authority to overturn the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision, potentially through an amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Supreme Court may not

Care what we think, but you should

Tell them anyway.


Prop 60:  The Condoms in Pornographic Films Initiative – MARIN GREENS RECOMMEND A YES VOTE.

A “yes” vote would be a vote in favor of requiring the use of condoms and other protective measures during the filming of pornographic films, as well as requiring pornography producers to pay for certain health requirements and checkups.

Reduces spread of

AIDS and other STDs,

So, what’s not to love?


Prop 61: The Drug Price Standards Initiative – MARIN GREENS RECOMMEND A YES VOTE.

A “yes” vote supports regulating drug prices by requiring state agencies to pay the same prices that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) pays for prescription drugs.

This Proposition

Threatens big Pharma’s profits –

No more gouging State.


Prop 62: Repeal of the Death Penalty Initiative – MARIN GREENS RECOMMEND A YES VOTE.

A “yes” vote supports repealing the death penalty and making life without the possibility of parole the maximum punishment for murder.

Other issues will

Need fixing, but still good to

Stop executions.


Prop 63: Background Checks for Ammunition Purchases and Large-Capacity Ammunition Magazine Ban Initiative – MARIN GREENS HAVE NO RECOMMENDATION ON THIS PROPOSITION.

A “yes” vote supports prohibiting the possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines and requiring certain individuals to pass a background check in order to purchase ammunition, while a “no” vote opposes this proposal.

We tend to like these

Types of restrictions, but here,

Retired cops exempt.


Prop 64: The California Marijuana Legalization Initiative – MARIN GREENS RECOMMEND A YES VOTE.

A “yes” vote supports legalizing recreational marijuana and hemp under state law and establishing certain sales and cultivation taxes.

For the few who have

Not gotten a ‘scrip — reward?



Prop 65: The Dedication of Revenue from Disposable Bag Sales to Wildlife Conservation Fund Initiative – MARIN GREENS RECOMMEND A NO VOTE.

A “no” vote is a vote against redirecting money collected from the sale of carry-out bags by grocery or other retail stores to a special fund administered by the Wildlife Conservation Board.

Disguised as “green” prop.,

This takes grocers’ profits for

Reusable bags.


Prop 66: The Death Penalty Procedures Initiative – MARIN GREENS RECOMMEND A NO VOTE.

A “no” vote opposes changing the procedures governing state court appeals and petitions that challenge death penalty convictions and sentences, and would keep the current system for governing death penalty appeals and petitions.

Restricting appeals

Those on death row can make, tells

State, “Kill more quickly.”


Prop 67: California Plastic Bag Ban Veto Referendum – MARIN GREENS RECOMMEND A YES VOTE.

A “yes” vote is a vote in favor of upholding the contested legislation banning plastic bags that was enacted by the California State Legislature under the name Senate Bill 270.

Plastics Industry

Can’t fool Californians –

Ban plastic bags now!


* * *

Recommendations were agreed to by the Marin Greens at their County Council Meeting in Tam Junction, California on September 25, 2016.

Ballot Measures Endorsement Meeting

Join us on Sunday, September 25, 2016 from 11am – 1pm. We will discuss and decided our positions on all of the statewide and county ballot measures on the November ballot. We will meet at the Good Earth, 201 Flamingo Road in Mill Valley.

County Council Elections Meeting

Marin Greens County Council Meting
June 26, 2016 10am-1130am
Johnny Doughnuts, 1617 Fourth St, San Rafael, CA
Attending: Mimi Newton, Marnie Glickman, Jim Geraghty, Zhenya Spake, Dalila, Steve Lam, Tamela Fish, David Curtis and 4 children!
1. Election of Marin Greens County Council (June 2016-June 2018)
County council members elected by consensus: Mimi Newton (Co-Chair), Barbara Bogard (Co-Chair), Marnie Glickman (Secretary), Jim Geraghty.
Notes: David Curtis raised the concern that we need gender parity and racial diversity.
2. Election of two liaisons to Marin County Registrar (June 2016-June 2018)
Liaisons elected by consensus: Barbara Bogard and Jim Geraghty
Reminder from your secretary >> Send these minutes to Dan Miller, our liaison to Marin County Registrar
3. Election of Marin Greens Treasurer (June 2016-June 2018)
David Curtis elected by consensus
4. Election of Green Party of California Standing General Assembly Representatives (June 2016-June 2018)
Mimi Newton, Barbara Bogard and Marnie Glickman elected by consensus.
5. Formation of Communications Group
Members identified by consensus: Jim Geraghty, Steve Lam, Mimi Newton, Marnie Glickman
6. Discussion about actions we can take before the November election
Zhenya: Brought anti-Hillary flyer, suggested we plan to participate in July 4 2017 celebrations, wants to help with street actions. Supportive of a flyer comparing Green and Democratic positions.
Jim: Wants to take Marin Greens local positions. Two most important issues in Marin are traffic and housing. Figure out if there is a way we collaborate with Dominican University about voter registration and mobilization.
Marnie: Suggests we identify Greens running in the November elections.
Mimi: Grow the party through registration. Important to re-register Green elected officials and all Greens who left the party to vote for Bernie.
Tamela: Suggests we find young people to voter reg at local colleges.
7. Action Items Before November Election
Mimi: Identify Greens running in November 2016 election
Jim: Contact Paul DaSilva re College of Marin.
Marnie: Identify local election events where we could send a Marin Greens representative.
Zhenya and Dalila: Street activism
8. Brainstorm re voter registration messaging.
Vote your conscience
Try a new clean Green Party
Abandon the Dems, they are corrupt
Want to change the Dems? Register Green
Compare and contrast Greens/Bernie (positive piece)
9. Discussion about upcoming GPCA votres
Review delegate election to presidential nomination convention in Houston
Review CC elections
Review state party election procedures. Consensus that we support open ballots.
Review length of membership requirements. We oppose 3 month requirement. County council will review and modify county bylaws at our next county council meeting in August.
Review platform positions. Mimi recommends supporting changes. No opposition.
10. Next events
Dem National Convention is July 25-28.
Saturday August 6: Organize Marin Green Party grassroots and street actions including voter reg.
Sunday August 7 at 10am: Next Marin Green Party County Council meeting. Location TBA.
August 24, 350 Marin event about Climate Change and Diet.
11. Next meeting
Sunday August 20 at 11am at Good Earth in Fairfax.

Marin Greens Rally To Stop Climate Change

Thanks to all of the Marin Greens who attended the Forward On Climate/No KXL Pipeline Rally on February 17th in San Francisco. We had a great time and enjoyed the ferry ride.


Marin Greens endorse Feb 17th climate rally

Join us in San Francisco on February 17th to rally and march in solidarity with the huge Forward on Climate demonstration in Washington DC.

Please download our new flyer for the rally.

Marin Greens, over 50 organizations and thousands of citizens will encircle the State Department Office at One Market Plaza.

We demand that the Department reject Keystone XL permit. 

The way forward on climate is clear: President Obama must start cutting carbon from today’s biggest polluters—power plants—and stop the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline to avoid adding more carbon pollution tomorrow.

President Obama understands the severity of the climate crisis and can lead the world to solve it, but he needs to hear from his constituents that this is a priority.

Marin Water District Director Opening

Vacancy on MMWD
Board of Directors
Application Period: Oct. 31 – Nov. 13, 2012

REQUIREMENTS: Candidates must live in MMWD’s Division III, which includes San
Geronimo Valley, incorporated Fairfax plus unincorporated Fairfax
neighborhoods, a portion of San Anselmo not including North West area, Ross,
Greenbrae, Kentfield, Kent Woodlands, and a portion of Larkspur North of Corte
Madera Creek and West of Highway 101, a portion of Larkspur South of
Corte Madera Creek and West of Bon Air Road and West of Skylark
Road, Watershed land lying North of Fairfax-Bolinas Road or contiguous with
towns in Division III and up to the Division IV boundary. See map on back.
Prospective candidates must confirm residency requirements and voter
registration requirements with the Marin County Elections Office.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The Board of Directors sets the policies for the activities and
affairs of MMWD. Board members are expected to attend all regular board
meetings on the first and third Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM, and
additional meetings scheduled as needed. Board members also serve on
committees with regularly scheduled meetings. Applicants should anticipate
spending eight hours per week fulfilling board member commitments.

PROCESS: Applications are available online at www.marinwater.org and from the
District Secretary at the district office at 220 Nellen Avenue, Corte Madera. If you
have questions, contact Stephanie Eichner-Gross at 945-1448. Candidate
interviews with current board members will be scheduled December 6, 7, 8, 9,
10, or 11, 2012 in the MMWD Board Room. The Board of Directors plans to
appoint the selected candidate at a board meeting in December 2012.

FILING DEADLINE: A signed hard copy of the completed application must be
physically received by the Board Secretary by 4:30 PM, Tuesday, November
13, 2012. at the Board Secretary’s Office, MMWD, 220 Nellen Avenue, Corte
Madera, CA 94925. The District is not accepting emailed applications.
TERM OF OFFICE: The appointment will be effective until Dec. 31, 2014.The
Division III seat will be on the November 2014 ballot.