Letter to the Editor from Fairfax Town Council Members to the Marin IJ

Democracy Requires Open Debates

All qualified candidates belong in the October 12th debate at Dominican University, not just Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown.

Laura Wells, the Green Party candidate for Governor, is the only candidate in the race with concrete solutions to California’s economic crisis.

Wells supports tuition-free public higher education. She aims to create thousands of green union jobs through strategic public investment, made possible by the establishment of a State of California Public Investment Bank, in renewable energy, mass transit and conservation.

Wells will end counterproductive prohibition policies and legalize marijuana.  She will target corporations that are shipping California jobs overseas and avoiding their fair share of taxes.

Wells supports more ambitious greenhouse gas emission reduction targets than Whitman and Brown and a revenue-neutral carbon tax to meet them.

Limiting the debate to Whitman and Brown is not just anti-green, it is anti-democratic and anti-republican.

Democracy requires open debates.  Join us to protest Laura’s exclusion at Dominican University on October 12th.

Lew Tremaine, Mayor of Fairfax, CA

Larry Bragman, Vice Mayor of Fairfax, CA

Pam Hartwell-Herrero, Fairfax Town Councilor