Marin Greens County Council Meting
June 26, 2016 10am-1130am
Johnny Doughnuts, 1617 Fourth St, San Rafael, CA
Attending: Mimi Newton, Marnie Glickman, Jim Geraghty, Zhenya Spake, Dalila, Steve Lam, Tamela Fish, David Curtis and 4 children!
1. Election of Marin Greens County Council (June 2016-June 2018)
County council members elected by consensus: Mimi Newton (Co-Chair), Barbara Bogard (Co-Chair), Marnie Glickman (Secretary), Jim Geraghty.
Notes: David Curtis raised the concern that we need gender parity and racial diversity.
2. Election of two liaisons to Marin County Registrar (June 2016-June 2018)
Liaisons elected by consensus: Barbara Bogard and Jim Geraghty
Reminder from your secretary >> Send these minutes to Dan Miller, our liaison to Marin County Registrar
3. Election of Marin Greens Treasurer (June 2016-June 2018)
David Curtis elected by consensus
4. Election of Green Party of California Standing General Assembly Representatives (June 2016-June 2018)
Mimi Newton, Barbara Bogard and Marnie Glickman elected by consensus.
5. Formation of Communications Group
Members identified by consensus: Jim Geraghty, Steve Lam, Mimi Newton, Marnie Glickman
6. Discussion about actions we can take before the November election
Zhenya: Brought anti-Hillary flyer, suggested we plan to participate in July 4 2017 celebrations, wants to help with street actions. Supportive of a flyer comparing Green and Democratic positions.
Jim: Wants to take Marin Greens local positions. Two most important issues in Marin are traffic and housing. Figure out if there is a way we collaborate with Dominican University about voter registration and mobilization.
Marnie: Suggests we identify Greens running in the November elections.
Mimi: Grow the party through registration. Important to re-register Green elected officials and all Greens who left the party to vote for Bernie.
Tamela: Suggests we find young people to voter reg at local colleges.
7. Action Items Before November Election
Mimi: Identify Greens running in November 2016 election
Jim: Contact Paul DaSilva re College of Marin.
Marnie: Identify local election events where we could send a Marin Greens representative.
Zhenya and Dalila: Street activism
8. Brainstorm re voter registration messaging.
Vote your conscience
Try a new clean Green Party
Abandon the Dems, they are corrupt
Want to change the Dems? Register Green
Compare and contrast Greens/Bernie (positive piece)
9. Discussion about upcoming GPCA votres
Review delegate election to presidential nomination convention in Houston
Review CC elections
Review state party election procedures. Consensus that we support open ballots.
Review length of membership requirements. We oppose 3 month requirement. County council will review and modify county bylaws at our next county council meeting in August.
Review platform positions. Mimi recommends supporting changes. No opposition.
10. Next events
Dem National Convention is July 25-28.
Saturday August 6: Organize Marin Green Party grassroots and street actions including voter reg.
Sunday August 7 at 10am: Next Marin Green Party County Council meeting. Location TBA.
August 24, 350 Marin event about Climate Change and Diet.
11. Next meeting
Sunday August 20 at 11am at Good Earth in Fairfax.